Syd Barrett’s Fairy Tale

Hoy se cumplen once años del fallecimiento de Roger Keith Barrett, más conocido como Syd. A menos de un mes de la conmemoración del cincuenta aniversario de The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, homenajeamos a Syd Barrett con un colaje que engloba las letras de su ópera prima.

I want to tell you a story

His Majesty was in command
Going and coming without error
He didn’t care
Sitting on a unicorn no fear
But now he’s resigned to his fate

Suddenly, something I can’t explain
Alone in the clouds, look at the sky
The sound surrounds
At night a thousand misty riders
Sunset, sunrise, stars can frighten

Bells in a room of musical tunes
Ringing to tell the King the news
Thunder in the Earth
A fight between the blue you once knew
Flicker flicker flicker blam pow pow

Oh mother tell me more…

Shine on Syd!

José Domínguez

El Ukelele, Acreditados, Other Voices, Indie México and many more...

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