Hoy se cumplen once años del fallecimiento de Roger Keith Barrett, más conocido como Syd. A menos de un mes de la conmemoración del cincuenta aniversario de The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, homenajeamos a Syd Barrett con un colaje que engloba las letras de su ópera prima.

I want to tell you a story

His Majesty was in command
Going and coming without error
He didn’t care
Sitting on a unicorn no fear
But now he’s resigned to his fate

Suddenly, something I can’t explain
Alone in the clouds, look at the sky
The sound surrounds
At night a thousand misty riders
Sunset, sunrise, stars can frighten

Bells in a room of musical tunes
Ringing to tell the King the news
Thunder in the Earth
A fight between the blue you once knew
Flicker flicker flicker blam pow pow

Oh mother tell me more…

Shine on Syd!

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