Bit2me lanza la Crypto API para bancos empresas y organismos publicos 3
Bit2me lanza la Crypto API para bancos empresas y organismos publicos 3

La API Crypto de Bit2Me ha sido lanzada recientemente por la compañía Bit2me, las organizaciones podrán utilizar la infraestructura de Bit2me así como las operaciones para ejecutar servicios Web3 y criptodivisas de marca blanca de forma rápida, segura y de acuerdo con la normativa con el apoyo de esta API.

Como todos sabemos Bit2Me es la empresa líder en España y la compra y venta de criptomonedas está incluida en uno de sus principales trabajos.

Sirven a diario para llevar la plataforma Blockchain a todo el mundo y desarrollar progresivamente productos completos y cómodos para sus usuarios.

Bit2Me Crypto API se desarrolla específicamente para las unidades reguladas que es un sector que contiene la banca tradicional.

Bit2me launches the "Crypto API" for banks, companies and public bodies

However, other businesses such as fintechs, neobanks, startups, and even public organizations as well as governments that are interested in starting to buy, trade, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies will be able to use this new Bit2Me service.

With the support of this new service, banks will be able to offer trading of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin to their clients and they will not have to worry about the complication of setting up an exchange infrastructure, as the Bit2Me Crypto API will allow them to provide a service extremely demanded quickly, safely and easily.

For example, a bank could provide crypto services to its regular customers overnight, thereby opening a new line of business that can help both its accounts and its users.

It is told by Gabriel Ayala, who is the general director of Crypto API.

The promotion is unified in the area of ​​business to business (B2B) services, which was started by the company in 2021, coinciding with the time when the Spanish stock market is providing entities and the promotions have been ongoing for the past few months. .

In addition, it has been declared days after learning that Telefónica, which is a Spanish multinational telecommunications company whose headquarters are located in Spain, has invested around 30 million in the Bit2Me company.

T elefónica is one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world. It also offers broadband, landline and mobile telephony services, and subscription television, which operates in Europe and America.

Leif Ferreira, CEO of Bit2Me, said that this product has been launched in accordance with Telefónica’s declaration of a huge and significant investment in Bit2Me.

It is truly a huge milestone for the Bitcoin SV Blockchain technology industries as it is happening for the first time in history that an international telecommunication organization is becoming the shareholder of a crypto exchange company.

Joao August, who is the Chief Compliance Officer of the Bit2Me company, also arranges that Bit2Me is a compliance-focused organization.

He tells us that we started our foundation a long time ago almost ten years ago and right now we are in Spain and not in a fiscal port like our other competitors.

That is crucial for the compliance team of banks or organizations to admit to working with us. In the current scenario, Bit2Me is your best support, since there is no other organization on European and Latin American soil that contains too many types of products, as well as with such a wide range of experience, for which I would like to thank my 300 professionals. high level.

Bit2Me CryptoAPI will provide multiple types of modules that will help the organization to modify the product according to their precise needs.

First, data will be offered, a service that provides businesses with real-time cryptocurrency market data, as well as a view of historical price information.

And then Trade will be offered, which is a service that will allow companies to offer their clients more than 180 cryptocurrencies to trade.

Bit2Me Crypto API clients can also use Earn, which is a package that facilitates betting operations as well as earning crypto rewards.

In the end, Bit2Me Crypto API also provides a cold wallet cryptocurrency custody module to clients.

According to Andrei Manuel, director of operations and founder of Bit2Me: It is very important to have a team of experienced and well-trained people to reduce any type of error and offer a series of Web3 products with the best quality and security 24 hours a day.

Therefore, we have launched Bit2Me CryptoAPI, this service will be able to reinvent traditional business and develop a new use case that would be almost impossible without the support of blockchain technology.

I believe that the latest giant business corporations are on the verge of development and I would like to thank this latest technology.”

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