On April 24, 2018, a significant partnership was announced between Genaro and Zilliqa, aimed at enhancing blockchain technology’s speed and scalability. This collaboration represents a major stride in addressing the challenges of blockchain efficiency, particularly in block formation and data storage.

Genaro Network, known for its pioneering efforts in creating the first Turing-complete public blockchain with decentralized storage, is expanding its ecosystem. This ecosystem is a network of strategic partnerships that bolster Genaro’s mission of unlocking blockchain’s potential. Key collaborations include joining crypto-economy associations and forming investment and technology partnerships.

In this context, the partnership with Zilliqa, a high-speed blockchain project, is particularly noteworthy. Zilliqa’s innovative approach, using sharding technology, promises to significantly increase transaction processing capabilities. This technique allows transactions to be handled in parallel, improving as the network expands. Zilliqa’s testnet results in March 2018 showcased a remarkable throughput of 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) with 1,000 nodes, surpassing current estimates for Ethereum’s upcoming upgrades. The goal is to rival transaction processing speeds of major credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard.

This partnership is mutually beneficial. Zilliqa’s sharding and high-speed processing complement Genaro Network’s storage capacity and decentralized application (DAPP) ecosystem. Genaro Eden Beta, launched in March 2018, is already operational with storage and sharing capabilities on the Genaro blockchain. This lays the groundwork for Genaro Eden Enterprise Edition, where DAPP developers on Zilliqa could store structured data on Genaro, leveraging Zilliqa’s transaction speed. Additionally, Genaro Eden offers a decentralized storage solution for Zilliqa’s block data.

The collaboration extends to R&D efforts, with both teams bringing unique strengths: Zilliqa’s research-oriented team with PhDs from prestigious universities, and Genaro’s development-focused team with top engineers from the internet and blockchain industries. Joint R&D will focus on fundamental blockchain challenges, including payment systems and privacy-preserving, searchable encryption technologies.

A key aspect of this partnership involves linking Zilliqa and Genaro tokens. Zilliqa miners and DAPP developers will have the ability to pay for storage on Genaro using ZILs, Zilliqa’s native token. Future plans include establishing a conversion rate between ZIL and GNX and creating a two-way pegged relay. This will facilitate seamless conversion between ZILs and GNXs, allowing for easy storage purchasing on Genaro and running DAPPs on Zilliqa without additional conversion fees.

Genaro’s objective is to provide privacy-preserving distributed storage, catering to developers, companies, and individual users. For public blockchain data, such as DS and TX blocks, Zilliqa users can offload them to Genaro’s storage providers. Private data from DAPPs will be encrypted and securely stored, with Genaro ensuring data integrity and availability through proof of retrievability.

Genaro engineers are developing methods for complex operations on encrypted data, and with Zilliqa’s expertise, they aim to address privacy concerns in existing DAPPs. Research will focus on providing secure, private, and functional storage on DAPPs using technologies like searchable encryption and homomorphic encryption.

Larry Liu, CEO of Genaro, has expressed excitement about this partnership, seeing Zilliqa as a key player in the next generation of faster, more secure blockchain platforms. Xinshu Dong, CEO of Zilliqa, also looks forward to the collaboration, focusing on efficient data storage and retrieval on their high-throughput blockchain.

In summary, the Genaro and Zilliqa partnership represents a fusion of greater storage capacity and enhanced speed, marking a significant advancement for next-generation public blockchain networks.

For those interested in Genaro’s offerings, the latest versions, Genaro Eden and Genaro Eden Sharer, are available for download. These applications offer secure file storage and the opportunity to earn GNX by sharing unused storage. Users are advised to download these applications only from Genaro’s official website or GitHub to ensure data security and avoid scams.

Genaro Eden stands out as the first decentralized application on the Genaro Network, heralding a new era of a trustworthy Internet and a community-oriented sharing platform.

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