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Greetings to the Genaro Community, and best wishes for the beginning of summer. Recently, on May 29 and 30, the Co-founders and technology leaders of Zilliqa and Genaro, Yaoqi Jia and Waylon Wu, paused their intense development efforts to engage in live AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. These sessions were held with the Genaro and Zilliqa Telegram communities and aimed to shed light on the collaboration between the two blockchain projects, a partnership announced earlier in April. This announcement had sparked considerable interest and curiosity among international investors and community members about the future implications of this collaboration, particularly regarding pricing, user and developer support.

During each AMA session, which lasted about an hour, Yaoqi and Waylon fielded a range of insightful questions from community members. Here’s a brief overview and summary of the key points discussed in these exchanges:

Yaoqi Jia’s AMA Highlights:

  • Yaoqi discussed the synergies between Zilliqa and Genaro, emphasizing the benefit of leveraging Genaro’s storage capabilities for Zilliqa’s DAPP backend storage and other data.
  • In response to questions about pricing models, Yaoqi mentioned that Zilliqa miners and DAPP developers would soon be able to pay for storage on Genaro using ZILs, and later convert ZILs into GNX without additional fees.
  • Future plans include hackathons and the development of DAPP projects by members of both communities.
  • Yaoqi confirmed that with the upcoming launch of Zilliqa’s smart contract layers, developers would be able to efficiently use Genaro’s storage services.
  • He also mentioned that any DAPP requiring significant backend storage would benefit from the partnership, citing the decentralized storage model’s advantages in terms of data security and availability.

Waylon Wu’s AMA Highlights:

  • Waylon Wu participated in a similar AMA session with the Zilliqa Telegram group, discussing Genaro’s role in providing storage solutions and its collaboration with Zilliqa to build a scalable public chain and encryption research.
  • He explained that data can be stored with Genaro indefinitely, with costs determined by the pricing of period-based storage and fees paid to network providers.
  • Waylon addressed security concerns about co-storing and retrieving data across networks, stating that Genaro’s APIs currently focus on storage, with plans to explore middleware solutions.
  • The AMA also touched on the differences between Genaro’s collaboration with Zilliqa and that with Bluzelle, emphasizing the unique benefits of smart contracts and encryption in the Genaro partnership.
  • Community members asked various technical questions about blockchain collaboration, token use, throughput, and development of side chains.

The AMAs demonstrated the strong commitment of both Zilliqa and Genaro to their partnership and their efforts to maintain transparency and engagement with their communities. This collaborative spirit was evident throughout the sessions and was well-received by community members.

For those interested in secure file storage and sharing, Genaro’s latest versions, Genaro Eden and Genaro Eden Sharer, offer robust solutions while providing an opportunity to earn GNX tokens. To learn more and start using these services, visit the Genaro Eden website: Genaro Eden.

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