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2018 Feb Fn4rAqv

Jason Inch, a technology entrepreneur and co-founder of Genaro Network, is leveraging blockchain technology to globally connect through his Shanghai-based startup. With his expertise as a strategic lead at Genaro Network, he is also recognized as an independent economist with extensive knowledge of China’s economy, a subject he has been exploring since 1992. Inch has authored several insightful books on this topic, including his latest series “China 4.0” and its initial volume “The Man, the Plan, the Dream.”

Event Overview:
Guest Speaker: JASON INCH
Roles: Co-Founder of Genaro Network and Author of “China 4.0”

Jason Inch combines his role as a technology entrepreneur with his passion for economics to make significant contributions in both fields. His journey in blockchain technology is showcased through his pivotal role at Genaro Network. Additionally, his in-depth analysis of China’s economic landscape is reflected in his extensive authorship. His noteworthy books include “China 4.0”, along with “Supertrends of Future China” co-authored in 2008 and published globally, and “China’s Economic Supertrends” published in 2012, which offers valuable insights into China’s macroeconomic trends up to 2018.

In 2013, Jason founded LOHAUS, a Shanghai-based social enterprise focused on health and urban sustainability. LOHAUS serves as a coworking and event space dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and sustainable urban living. The ideas and concepts behind LOHAUS have been encapsulated in his book, also titled “LOHAUS”, available online and from North American and Chinese publishers. More information about LOHAUS can be found at https://www.lohaus.cn.

His commitment to sustainability was recognized in 2014 when he received the Shanghai International Excellence Award and the Emerging Leaders Award for Community Advancement from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

In 2015, Jason expanded his influence as a speaker at TEDxSuzhou, discussing the Future of Globalization, and as a judge in the Startup Weekend Shanghai entrepreneurship competition.

His current focus is on the “China 4.0” series, exploring China’s economic and social development from 2017 to 2025 and beyond. He is integrating blockchain with sustainability concepts derived from his LOHAUS philosophy to develop solutions for verifiable global change.

Jason is a frequent speaker at various forums, discussing China’s global economic role, environmental issues, and business opportunities related to sustainability and innovation. He has shared his insights with over 30 EMBA and MBA programs worldwide on their China study tours.

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