Today, Genaro Network, a pioneering global blockchain project based in Singapore, announced a significant partnership with Storj Labs, a leader in decentralized cloud storage. This collaboration is centered around integrating Genaro’s groundbreaking Turing-complete public chain and decentralized storage network with Storj Labs’ peer-to-peer storage platform. Storj, renowned for its enterprise-scale testing and private data delivery capabilities, will join forces with Genaro to expand decentralized cloud storage services across China.

This strategic alliance represents a major leap forward for both organizations, offering businesses and individual users an enhanced decentralized cloud storage experience. The integration will utilize advanced encryption and security measures to guarantee the privacy and protection of data stored on the network.

Andrea Liu, co-founder of Genaro, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the fusion of Asian and Western perspectives in developing blockchain infrastructure. Bo Shen, founder of Fenbushi Capital and strategic advisor to both Storj Labs and Genaro Network, anticipates that this joint effort will significantly boost the adoption of both companies’ technologies. He foresees the creation of the world’s largest combined network, offering extensive global coverage in major data hubs.

Waylon Wu, Chief Technology Officer at Genaro, sees the partnership accelerating Genaro’s Eden development and fostering the exploration of hybrid solutions and node-sharing possibilities. John Quinn, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Storj Labs, echoes this sentiment, looking forward to leveraging Genaro’s expertise in China to expand their community and meet the growing demand for distributed storage solutions in the region.

Those interested in the Genaro Token Sales (Ticker: GNX), commencing November 17, can find more information on their website: To learn more about Storj Labs and their offerings, visit Here, users can start uploading files through FileZilla integration or download Storj Share to earn STORJ tokens by sharing unused hard drive space.

About Storj Labs:
Storj Labs is revolutionizing cloud storage with its decentralized platform, Storj, which empowers users with greater control over their devices and data. Their goal is to become the premier, community-driven cloud storage provider, capitalizing on unused hard drive space shared by community members.

About Genaro Network:
Genaro Network, the originator of the blockchain 3.0 concept, is the first to build a blockchain 3.0 ecosystem on a Turing-complete public chain with integrated decentralized storage. It offers a one-stop solution for blockchain developers to deploy smart contracts and store data simultaneously. Genaro strives to create a trustworthy internet and sharing community, aiming to transform applications from “Cloud” to “Blockchain” and establish a global blockchain ecosystem through its Hub and Accelerator programs.

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